Just an Old Note From Facebook

I was cleaning up Facebook, and I came across this. I was going to delete it but it made me smile so I decided to keep it. I figured it made me smile now, so when I attempt to clean up my Facebook again in a few more years, it will make me smile again. I wrote this on August 4, 2014 – a little over four years ago. The rules were: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. Made me realise how much I’ve changed, grown up, and matured. But at the same time…these are still all completely true of me. Funny how that happens.

1) I wanna be a taxi cab driver in New York City or Las Vegas. And we better add Las Angelas while we’re naming cities.

2) Clothes are more for collecting than wearing, you should see my closet! Oh and for stalking for Toria to wear!

3) I’ve only had Malaria twice I think, ringworm a million other times, and I used to drink cow medicine so that I wouldn’t get scabbies.

4) I crashed my first dirt bike into a tree when I was ten. That’s ok, I’m not to fond of Suzuki, Yamaha is way so much better. 

5) I should have taken advantage of Mango’s while I had a mango tree, and passion fruit while they were at my disposable, because they’re my two favourite fruits and they don’t exist nicely in the US.

6) Strangely I miss Camelions, no matter how much my brother annoyed me with them. And having to watch out for snakes and scorpions.

7) I would love to dirtbike across Africa because that would be amazing. Or across Asia. Or motorcycle across the US, but that wouldn’t be as great.

8) Oh! I want to be a trucker. How cool would that be.

9) When I was little, and I grew up, I wanted to be a farmers wife. I think that before I moved to Kansas and still lived in the bush. I blaming it on the fact that I probably didn’t know what farms were. Hey I didn’t know what phones were so it’s a totally legit reason. No mocking allowed, k? 

10) I want to date a navy SEAL. Don’t ask me why. Ever since I read a Dee Henderson book, I’ve wanted to. BUT I don’t want to marry anyone in the military. 

11) It fun to play tackle football, but the farthest I ever got in that career was 5th grade football with my 5th grade classmates. Do ya’ll remember that? Crazy, huh?

12) Rain. Love that stuff. I miss rainy season in Tanzania, ‘monsoon’ season in Arizona, we just don’t get enough rain here. I should move to Seattle!

13) I really wanna go work with the people in the middle east. Anyone else think that would be amazing?

14) I can’t have chairs that turn in circles, because…I’ll turn in circles. We have them at Sunday school and youth group and I’m turning in circle. ☺ Ben tried to stop me last week, don’t wanna do that. I’m not a happy person when I can’t turn in circles.

15) Shoes. You have your 5 pairs, the more practical ones preferably, and then all the rest are for collecting and letting your friends borrow so they can look adorably cute and gorgeous!

16) I collect glass bottles and dried rose. You should see my room! Along with everything else I collect…CD’s…magazines…hats. I love hats!

17) There’s 2 people I write weekly letters to, soon to be only one though! That means one’s coming home! Be happy, because I’m happy. ☺

18) I have a tap-a-tune from Michael Hornsby that I swear I’m going to keep for the rest of my life, because I love it so much!

19) I’ve spent my summer going through the Gilmore Girls series. My brothers moved out, so that means no more Stargate Atlantis, Dukes of Hazard, McGyver….all fantastic shows though.

20) Every time I see a swing, I run to it, or skip to it, gallop to it…as long as I get to I’ll be fine. Swinging is pretty much a hobby for me.

21) I got to throw knives one time, and hatchets, talk about something that was a ton of fun. And I knocked the middle of the stump out! After like my millionth time trying.

22) I’m not fond of water. Water balloons, water fights, water guns, swimming in water recreationally, not my things.

23) I miss drinking out of glass bottles. Whoever came up with that idea was a complete genius.

24) I really do have the next four summers of my life planned out, but somewhere in there I want to fit trubadoring in. Wouldn’t that be a blast?!?

25) I want to travel the world and click the photos, and travel the world some more. Europe, Africa, Asia, all amazing, I think. Never been all those places, but I’m just guessing…Australia. I don’t really wanna go to South America though. Maybe Costa Rica, but that’s it.


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